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Observing elegance

What if we all knew the place within that is at home with the universe? What if we all knew how it feels to tend the common, the very force that nurtures all of us? The quest for understanding the world as one great whole expressing itself in the vast variety of life is as old as humankind and has often been the subject of religious, philosophical and natural science studies. And yet, we all know what it means when we are experiencing a moment that is special.
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Welcome to my blog “Living Collective Leadership”

I believe our globalized world needs innovation through collective leadership, the ability of people to think together and the growth of respect for diversity. This applies to organizational change as much it applies to new forms of cooperation between people and between organizations, locally and globally. In my work I am dedicated to facilitating the ability of people to collectively design and lead sustainable futures. My experience is that this results in more people owning the future and implementing change wholeheartedly: in the corporate world, public institutions and civil society organizations. Dialogic and collaborative change unfolds its own dynamic and
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