Bringing our unique potential into the world

In my personal experience, leading means shaping the future creatively: my own journey, a collective journey or issues to influence.

When reflecting on the way I lead, I often turn back to a quote by Michael Jones – it has helped me many time to get myself back on track to leading future possibilities when times where difficult and the road was rough.

 “….the question: must I lead? Is a perennial question that can never be settled once and for all time. Leading from our gifts is an art, as with all of art, is not something that we choose, but a calling that also chooses us. In making this choice, we also become the ground upon which the forces of fear and contraction work against those of growth and expansion. In this fire our gifts gain the substance and resilience to serve and also withstand the world.”

Michael Jones, 2000 (


I believe, when we lead when we bring our unique potential into the world, when we neither shy away from contributing our gifts to the world nor avoid learning from the world’s responses in dialogue with other people.

 Let us remember that leading is a creative act, no matter how structured the task appears to be, and this creative energy needs renewal, regularly, consciously. Reflection is regenerating our urge and capacity to lead.

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