Balancing our generative process – an overview

The generative process of life is a continuous dance of creation, conservation and passing away. We are part of this cycle. Through our internal world of balance and imbalance we co-create the external world.

There is always the possibility for new life. We have a timeless connection with life’s renewal. Our continuous participation in the flow of generation, degeneration and regeneration is a dance we can neither stop nor leave. We can only take part in it in a more conscious and life-sustaining way.


Image by Petra Kuenkel

Sustainable generation requires a combination of different energies in order to unfold enfolded energy into existence, maintain its growth and enable life-sustaining patterns to manifest. These energetic principles can be found in our intentions, and interactions and actions in the world, individually and collectively. When they are in balance or in a healthy rhythm life is brought forth in a sustainable way. If the rhythm is erratic, the pattern gets out of balance.

We can ask ourselves:

  • What inspires me and when is my energy high?
  • What helps me to follow-through and sustains my path?
  • When do I need withdrawal or an empty space to renew?

Translated into the realm of leadership, I believe what we need is a balanced rhythm of passion, contemplation and commitment. It is worthwhile looking at the way we balance these energies on our leadership journey.

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