How do we strengthen our ability to create?

When the three generative energies of passion, commitment and contemplation flow freely and in balance, what we are capable of bringing into this world shows up more clearly. We might suddenly remember an unrealistic dream and discover that it’s possible now. Or we give attention to an idea that has accompanied us for a while but we never had the time to pursue. Or we have an intention that was at the bottom of our heart more openly. Or we suddenly notice that we have known all along that we need to do something different and now have the courage to do it. Or we discover that we can do what we always did, but in a different, more meaningful way.

We slowly grow into our true potential by asking ourselves regularly:

  • In which area am I particularly strong?
  • Which area do I tend to neglect?
  • What could I do to enhance you balance?
Generative Energies © Petra Kuenkel

Generative Energies © Petra Kuenkel

We can strengthen our generative capacity by attending to a balance of the generative energies. This is best done through self-inquiry.

Strengthening passion

  • How can I do what I do with my heart fully involved?
  • What is close to my heart?
  • What do I have passion for?
  • What are my dreams?
  • What is my vision or personal goals?
  • What inspired me?
  • What am I driven by?


  • What do I stand for?
  • For what would  I really be prepared to engage?
  • Which purpose or organizational goal am I honestly supporting?
  • In what way am I prepared to follow-through on my vision/aspiration/support for an organization?


  • How do I know that I need to retreat?
  • How do I organize for myself offline and reflection time?
  • What is my way of structured reflection?
  • How do I monitor my level of energy?

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