Unfolding the courage to be you

It is not a once-off occasion when you suddenly begin to speak your true voice. It is a gradual process of unfolding the courage to be really you. This takes time.

If you trace the history of your voice, you might find moments when you attempted to speak from the heart, but it had no impact in the world. Or you might find other times when you were heard, but the voice you spoke did not really come from the heart.


What we express as leaders, ideally, has its ground in our being, in the way we have established a relationship with ourselves and our innermost aspirations, beliefs or dreams. But the way we voice ourselves in the stream of daily reality that we participate in does not always come straight from the heart.

I am not suggesting that you go against your common sense and risk your life’s achievements by always voicing what you really think. But I do  suggest that finding your voice is a search worthwhile undertaking.

There will be no perfection, and the search might never really be completed, but it can result in gradually coming closer to your natural way of being in this world. It is, to coin a phrase, a process of de-fragmentation.

Finding your voice always leads you into creating new possibilities.


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