Crises can be the most rewarding and full of growth


Do you know the times when you tried out various paths with successes and failures, but are somehow unable to reconnect with you skills and early aspirations, your role in the world?

Crises do not always have an easily understandable purpose. Not every crisis leads to deeper reflection or a reconnection with our deeper intention and our deeply held values. But they are a form of rebalancing and it is worthwhile to discover the underlying positive natural intent in them.

Image by Temari

Image by Temari

The outcome of learning is unpredictable. The fear and anxiety are unconsciously part of our journey, the less we are able to find meaning in the turning points. We keep ourselves busy with weathering the storm and tackling the fear. We search frantically for our purpose, which will not reveal itself by force. We only begin to relax when we see the pattern beneath the surface of reality. When we begin to let go of our ambitions for our leadership image, we can move into a different space. Everything becomes possible, failures and successes, recognition and rejection, happiness and depression. It is all part of the whole that we are. When we return to our heart’s quest, we can reconcile with the diversity of experience. Our growing resilience to the storms of life is based on an inner balance that does not reject experience, but knows it changeable nature. We can unfold meaning from the most difficult circumstances. We can feel at home.

This reflection is taken from my book: Mind and Heart, Mapping Your Personal Journey towards Leadership for Sustainability, 2008

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