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What I have learned from Richard Branson

Do you know these moments of insight when you realize you have walked down a track that is not taking you home to your dreams? You have traded in you biggest aspirations for something others have recommended to you as feasible? You are fire fighting, focussing on financial performance and dealing with personality issues? And then there is a window opening and you see into the future and realize that you have let mediocrity enter your life, have settled for avoidance of failure and let critics run your life whispering that your aspirations are too high? I have just come
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Joining a larger movement

If you were led by your intention to create wholeness, how would you lead? Probably the most important indication of profound professional change is the moment we begin to see our own leadership contribution as part of a larger movement towards sustainability in the world. As we serve a larger goal we may only see a small, albeit important part – the contribution we can make. This may serve our own growth in the sense that we need to enhance our own potential to contribute. But with a redefined leadership contribution our focus has shifted as our own maturation is
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From the individual to the collective

Leadership paradigms often refer only to individuals and the expansion of one person’s skills. The challenges we face in sustainability initiatives require us to go beyond the individual and build the capacity of groups and systems to move important issues of common concern forward. This requires collective action, dialogue and collaboration. It is the aspect of collectivity that adds a new dimension to our understanding of better co-creation. The collective has been missing in leadership development thus far.
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