Bringing the creative urge back into our life

We all wish to be creative, and in fact – we all are. But creativity has its own rhythms and dynamics. Bringing the creative urge back into our life is not always easy. Because it requires phases of non-action – not something we have many opportunities to do in the daily rush of events.

It may help to unearth what our pattern of creativity is. One thing is sure – when we are creative, our heart is involved, we feel closer to life, and no matter how aware of it we are, we feel closer to our deepest values.

People are different, so the ways that enable their creativity to flow are different. Allowing our creative expression to well up from a deeper source requires emptiness within. This can mean a mind that rests in silence; it can take the form of withdrawal, into nature, into ourselves, into a busy crowd we are somehow separated from. It is anything that allows an inward process of connection.

cherry blossom_by Liz du Canada

Remember – when we connect with ourselves, we connect with the world. And when we really connect with the world, we connect with ourselves (we all know this energy when we fall in love).

Emptiness within is not necessarily a comfortable process – all artists know this. The void is also a place of vulnerability, insecurity and self-doubt. But it cannot be avoided. The chaos within is the breeding ground for a new creation. Expect trouble and don’t expect easy answers. Welcome the very thing you would rather ignore – uncomfortable questions, rough times, unforeseen conflicts, and a lack of clarity. A new cycle of creative expansion usually rises from a time of chaos or emptiness.

When we learn to integrate this more consciously into our lives, it will be less stressful and cause less unexpected discomfort. Then there is less of a need to enact outer crises, because we’ve integrated the need for emptiness  – a phase of contraction – into our daily schedules.

The creative urge of people and their potential to co-create empowers them to think and act in international and cross-cultural contexts. Result-oriented dialogue and value-based collaboration will allow them to successfully implement strategies in order to master the global challenges jointly.


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