Managing your energy enhances self-efficacy

In my last blog I described how watching our energy level contributes to more consciously leading our days and has an impact on how we shift the way we co-create. If our energy level is higher we are less likely unconsciously dumping our negativity on others, and most often, watching our energy levels makes us more aware of when and how we go through lows and highs. Surely the highest energy level occurs when we love, life or another person or what we do. When we do not regret the days and look forward to the next. There are many ways to boost our energy, not all simultaneously boost our awareness and mindfulness! In my experience there are three core elements that always lead to results – a higher level of energy over time.

Mural in Potsdam by photographed by Petra Kuenkel

  1. The way you start your day: there are as many rituals for starting a day as there are people, but those starts that contribute to higher energy levels all have a few things in common: bringing both body and mind in shape and defining the focus for the day. This can be yoga and meditation, a quiet moment to think before the day starts, reading something that touches the heart or going for a nature walk. At the core is feeling oneself into the quality of the day, appreciating its existence and naming what the focus should be.
  2. The conscious intention to make a difference: this can be the goals you want to achieve for the day (that are different from the never ending to do list), but it has a particular quality, if among those goals is the intention to do at least one thing for another person, something that helps, as small as a smile, a little favour or a present somebody did not expect. It is the giving that raises our energy level, not the taking.
  3. The way you end your day: even if we fall into bed with unbeatable tiredness, it helps to carve out a few moments before sleep to do this simple ritual – list the 5 things that have made you grateful today. Gratitude is what raises your energy levels, and no matter how small, you will find five, even after the most difficult and disconcerting days. 5 x7 are already 35 things to be grateful in a week and more than 900 in a months. Your life becomes a life well lived. Or as Einstein said: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.“

As the days go by these three elements will change your energy levels and change your life.

This blogpost illustrates the dimension HUMANITY in the Collective Leadership Compass. It zooms into its aspect of BALANCE and MINDFULNESS. For more insights on leading collectively with the Compass, subscribe to my blog.

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