Managing you energy changes your path

In my last two blogs I described how watching our energy level contributes to more consciously leading our days and what we can do to raise the energy levels of our days. Now, life doesn’t always behave according to our daily energy ranking. So what do we do when things don’t work out the way we expect, when others pour negativity over us or when we experiences something that makes us angry, sad, doubtful or insecure?

 There are a few golden rules that have worked for me, even though it takes me at times more than a day to remember them:

  • Acceptance is the road to freedom. This does not mean agreement. But our faculty to accept reality as it is, is the step that frees us from being tossed around by the storms of life. It may be an anger we have, an experience of injustice, something happening that we can’t cope with or a sense of failure that we did nor expect. No matter what it is, accepting the situation as it is – and more so – acknowledging the feeling that we have about it, is the first step. This is easy to write down, but not easy to implement. If I look back at my life I notice that my progress is that the period between me fighting reality and it is and reaching this level of acceptance has slightly decreased. That’s progress. It may mean a day less wasting my energy trying to fight a feeling that I don’t want to have.
  • Reconciling with our shortcomings makes us more of a person. While acceptance of a situation or a feeling frees us from getting entangled in fighting reality, reconciling with our shortcomings makes us human. This does not mean we can’t improve. We can always try anew. But just for now acknowledging that we are where we are and how we are, can make a difference to our day.
  • Actions rooted in mindfulness are more powerful. Some people are afraid that acceptance means that we give up wanting to change a situation, but this is not the implication. It simply means to notice what causes our feelings, what conclusions we draw – and take this as a starting point for action. Whether we write our feelings down in a journal or meditate or talk to a friend – the awareness becomes the starting point for action, if we gain that little bit of perspective we need to ground our action in mindfulness. Most often, this empowers us to gain distance from our emotional turmoil and take steps that more grounded and build on our strength.

The amazing thing is that these golden rules help us stay (or go back to being) at ease with life – and this raises our energy level.

This blogpost illustrates the dimension HUMANITY in the Collective Leadership Compass. It zooms into its aspect of  MINDFULNESS. For more insights on leading collectively with the Compass, subscribe to my blog.



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