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Process quality

The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP COMPASS distinguishes three roads to ENGAGEMENT. These are Process quality, Connectivity and Collective action. This post will explore  Process quality. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead How do we start engaging for change? When we want to bring about change we start small. We start small whether we are trying to change ourselves, our teams, our organizations, our collaborations (across institutions and nations) or our expertise within different sustainability initiatives. We start by building a container, consisting of a small number of
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Engaging for sustainability

“Can we move nations and people in the direction of sustainability? Such a move would be a modification of society comparable in scale to only two other changes: the Agricultural Revolution of the late Neolithic and the Industrial Revolution of the past two centuries. Those revolutions were gradual, spontaneous, and largely unconscious. This one will have to be a fully conscious operation, guided by the best foresight that science can provide … If we actually do it, the undertaking will be absolutely unique in humanity’s stay on the Earth.”William D. Ruckelshaus (1989) as cited by Meadows 2006 Even the greatest visions
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The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP COMPASS distinguishes three subcategories which unlocks FUTURE POSSIBILITIES. These are Future orientation,  Empowerment and Decisiveness. This post will focus on Decisiveness. Once we have seen future possibilities and recognized ways to empower ourselves, and others, we need to act decisively. As human beings we thrive on putting insights into action. Revelations that do not have consequences in actions and behaviours are futile. Similarly, abandoned resolutions stay with us and lower our self-confidence. This also applies to collaborative endeavours. If meetings do not take place at the announced dates, if decisions jointly made aren’t followed through, if agreed targets
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