The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP COMPASS distinguishes three subcategories which unlocks FUTURE POSSIBILITIES. These are Future orientation,  Empowerment and Decisiveness. This post will focus on Decisiveness.


Once we have seen future possibilities and recognized ways to empower ourselves, and others, we need to act decisively. As human beings we thrive on putting insights into action. Revelations that do not have consequences in actions and behaviours are futile. Similarly, abandoned resolutions stay with us and lower our self-confidence.

This also applies to collaborative endeavours. If meetings do not take place at the announced dates, if decisions jointly made aren’t followed through, if agreed targets are not met and if joint success are not celebrated collaborating stakeholders often lose confidence in an initiative. They will openly or silently withdraw their ENGAGEMENT.

 Persistence and patience are therefore crucial in leading FUTURE POSSIBILITIES. The route to improving our rate of return for action decisions is focus. The mind is a monkey and it therefore needs to be trained to focus. Each of us therefore needs to find an approach which cultivates focus – that resonates with us. For example, I have created a fifteen minutes Sunday evening ritual in which I review my past week in relation to my goals and focus areas, and then set the focus for the coming week.


Decisiveness is both a mind-set and a technique. It is a mind-set, because it is the testing ground for how important our goals are to us. It requires us to take a mature stance for an issue – be it small or large – and show that we feel accountable to a goal, a vision, our team, our organization, and our collaborating partners. It is also a technique, because there are many helpful tools that support us in developing decisiveness – as leaders, teams, organizations, or collaborating initiatives.

Taking steps toward a goal or vision collectively also requires us to identify focus areas. When we tumble in the complexity of our endeavours, focus becomes our guiding force through the jungle of daily demands. The essential question is: does this contribute to our greater focus? This is how goals get achieved.

Here are a few questions that help guide us toward decisiveness:

  • What have been my most positive experiences in following through and what was the impact?
  • How would our team rate the percentage of jointly made decisions that got implemented?
  • If we picked 6 key stakeholders from your collaboration initiative and stepped into their shoes – how would they rate (1) the appropriateness of planning indicators and (2) the achievements according to plans on a scale between 1 and 10?

This blog post looks at the dimension of FUTURE POSSIBILITIES and zooms into DECISIVENESS in the Collective Leadership Compass at the level of individuals. For more information on the Art of Leading Collectively, checkout the inside the book and  reviews on, or get inspired by an onsite course that takes the compass into the daily challenges of navigating complex change.

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