For Better Or Worse: Will You Say YES To Collaboration?

Staying in the collaborative field
The meeting room is much too small for the almost 45 people. It is hot, the tiled floor does not help much, and the ordinary plastic chairs are not particularly comfortable. Little wind is coming through the open door that leads to the street. The occasional car driving past worsens the acoustics in the room.

Down the hill is the sea, the vast Atlantic Ocean of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. However, its delightful invitation to a swim is ignored.


Despite the almost unbearable heat, the group concentrates on a written document that is projected onto the wall. Step by step we work through it – we’re all hoping that this very diverse group will finally agree on one single document.

Completing this document forms an important milestone for an ambitious project. People have been meeting, in various constellations, for some time now in an attempt to reach an agreed on document. In addition, different versions of the document have already been under discussion for months and each version has been the cause of much conflicts and threats.

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