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Making America Great Again!

Here are 6 humble suggestions to Donald Trump for a legendary presidential term: Life is great when one has just won the presidential elections and succeeded in becoming one of the most influential persons in the world. Life is less great when one has to shift one’s warrior strategy of winning against Hilary Clinton to a queen’s strategy of responsibly ruling a country as important as the United States (OK- let’s say sovereign strategy). One may need to integrate sufficient lover strategies to win over the 75% of the American population that did not vote for one and may need
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Practice makes… Excellent

The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP COMPASS distinguishes three roads to INNOVATION. These are Creativity, Excellence, and Agility. This post looks at the aspect of EXCELLENCE. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle When I was still at school, I never had difficulties performing well – and I mean well, not excellently. I made it my habit to set the easy goal of “do well” but not “become the best”. That worked until I learned a craft – joinery. The moment of revelation came when I noticed that it makes sense to cut a piece of wood exactly
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