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Agile rather than just Comfortable

The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP COMPASS distinguishes three roads to INNOVATION. These are Creativity, Excellence, and Agility. This post looks at the aspect of AGILITY. There are as many unique comfort zones in this world as there are people. For innovation to occur, we need to become aware of our comfort zones and to push them bit by bit – every day. In this way we discover the world anew and we strengthen our capacity to adapt to new situations. Giving up on sustainability issues is not an option. The world is made up of territories, internal and external, but the challenges of sustainability do not stop
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Reconnecting with our early intention

I remember when I was a child that I never understood why people went to war. I never asked and never talked about it, but to me there was no sense in it. When I grew up in the divided city of Berlin, I began to day-dream about speaking to people about reconciling and making peace. This is what I call my early intention: without anybody telling me I felt that something needed to be changed in the world. When you find yourself in a state of questioning your leadership contribution, I believe it is worth looking at the early
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