Agile rather than just Comfortable

The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP COMPASS distinguishes three roads to INNOVATION. These are Creativity, Excellence, and Agility. This post looks at the aspect of AGILITY.

There are as many unique comfort zones in this world as there are people. For innovation to occur, we need to become aware of our comfort zones and to push them bit by bit – every day. In this way we discover the world anew and we strengthen our capacity to adapt to new situations.


Giving up on sustainability issues is not an option.

The world is made up of territories, internal and external, but the challenges of sustainability do not stop at territorial boundaries. They cannot be reached within the confined space of a nation, a certain expertise, one institution or even one societal stakeholder group. We need to transcend boundaries and open up to collaboration.

Going beyond our comfort zone into new territories with different thinking, different ways of seeing the world, and different interpretations of the same reality is paramount for the collaboration journey.


One way to steer us toward agility is inquiry. Inquiry requires of us to be willing to look into what we do not know or understand, and to search for the coherence of a situation which we dislike. A difficult-to-answer question is often a request to open beyond the old interpretations and take a fresh look at what one thinks one already knows.

Today, what difficult-to-answer question can help you look into what you do not know or do not understand?

This blog post looks at the dimension of INNOVATIONand zooms into AGILITY in the Collective Leadership Compass. For more information on the Art of Leading Collectively, checkout the inside the book and  reviews on, or get inspired by an onsite course that takes the compass into the daily challenges of navigating complex change.

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