Mindfulness keeps us Aware


Awareness creates the distance needed to observe reality without judgment. In turn, such a distance allows insights to emerge.

What seems separate begins to fit into a bigger picture.

Awareness begins with observation and reflection. When we observe we take a step backwards. Instead of getting entangled in habitual patterns we just watch and become aware of all we have not noticed before.


Integrating phases of stillness into our leadership journey helps us to slowly disintegrate habitual thought patterns, or preconceptions, and their subsequent actions.

And when we  reflect, we draw meaning and coherence from a stream of incoherent experiences.

This is not self-indulgent introspection for its own sake.

It is a gateway to transformation.

We do not disengage from the world; we are more present in the world.

We become more responsive.

As we connect with our own story, we connect with the greater story of humankind. In this story, tending the common is not an additional voluntary service but the deeper meaning of why we are here.

We become more human as we become more mindful of who we are and how we have come to be.


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