When passion lives a remote life

For me passion is at the base of my creativity and inspiration. When I feel passionate, I know why I am here and why I am doing what I am doing, and I can inspire others.

I like to describe passion as an arousal of the heart. It is the desire to make a difference, the urge to change something for the better. I believe, our initial deeper intention is nourished by passion. Dreams hold passion, as do aspirations. Passion is the direct expression of our capacity to love life, the world and other people.

Sometimes, over periods of time on our leadership journey, passion lives a remote life in our heart. We hardly remember the feeling. When passion is missing, our contribution lacks strength and spirit, the difference we want to make fades. Our contribution is likely manifesting far below its potential. Our attraction to the deeper force of life is faint. Our joy in actively participating in the dance is at a low ebb.

We become disconnected from our heart. We begin to settle for the substitute – we let ourselves be driven by superficial stimulation and the desire to excel. We take on more and more new challenges, frequently change jobs, engage in extreme sports or indulge in stimulants.

We become restless in our unconscious search to access the deeper force of life that is the source of genuine passion. We focus on outward achievement only. With unbalanced stimulation we are likely to move rapidly towards burn-out.

This is all too human. But I believe it is worth observing. There might be the danger that the habit of mistaking the substitute for the real thing is taking us away from giving the world our real gifts. It is tome to  renew our quest. There is a journey waiting for us that takes us back to who we are – passionate deeply rooted in our nature.

This is a inspiring contribution on pursuing our passion by John Hagel.

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