Fostering Humanity

How do we enhance the dimension of HUMANITY? On the one hand, we acknowledge that humankind is diverse in every respect. It is when we honour this diversity that we are able to develop a culture of mutual respect in our organizations and collaboration efforts.

On the other hand, we pay attention to our inner world, and to the balance needed in our personal lives. Both these aspects are needed for us to reach our full human potential.

We need both individual and collective reflections in order to increasingly see the person behind the task or the story behind something unexplainable. When we suspend our prejudices, or our frame of reference, and meet someone without any judgement an entirely new world opens up. As we come closer to others, we come closer to ourselves.

Moreover, when we access our own humanity we open up to the underlying humanity that connects us all across the world. Our personal leadership journeys may differ and the intentions that define our pathways may reflect enormous variety, but what connects us is the fact that we once set out on a journey with a passion for making a difference, for excelling and for contributing to the world. In that way, each leadership journey is a process of unearthing our true nature as a gesture of responsiveness to what needs doing in the world. Developing our own humanity and taking care of the needs of the planet as a whole therefore mutually reinforce each other.

Our hearts know that we cannot win the struggle for fulfillment in isolation. Nor can we master the challenges of sustainability alone. There are many routes that take us to our humanity. Among the abundant choice it may help if we spot these three aspects: mindfulnessbalance and empathy.



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