Life moves towards Balance

Finding our balance requires incorporating new techniques into our lives. There are many ways to get it right – from a regular workout at the Gym, to retreating into nature, to meditating or playing with our kids.

Yet I believe we can go one step further in understanding how balance works and why. Can we simply learn from life?

Balance requires a combination of three different energies in order to bring forth life, maintain its growth and take it to the next level.

The first energy is our passion for life, for what we do, for how we relate to others. This passion is a prerequisite for creativity. If our passion is remote, our contribution manifests far below its potential. If we cannot answer the question of what we are passionate about, we need to renew our quest. There is a journey waiting for us.

The second energy is commitment. For our endeavors to become successful we need decisiveness and perseverance. In turn these bring the caring and nourishing our projects need to take root and grow. If we lack patience or become bored too easily, we might sabotage our own success. If we drown in obligations we jeopardize our creativity. When a lack of patience of a drowning in obligation sets in it is time to ask: “What is really important to me?”

This question takes us into the third energy – renewal. Renewal always finds us, whether it is through a yearning hunger for stillness or a feeling of disenchanted self-doubt. There is nothing wrong with these calls. They remind us that we are cyclical in nature. They remind us to make sense of experience or to re-connect with what we really want. we need to stop and ask: “What is the core of my intention, and what are the new possibilities in my life?”

How does this play out in collaboration initiatives? Such initiatives follow the same rhythm. When commited to long sustainable change we need to revive passion, when we notice that it dries up, and we require sustained commitment in order to get to results.

Even as collaborating partners we need to attend to renewal – a mix between collective reflection and having fun together. It can be an enormous energy boost to schedule fun into collaboration initiatives and it contributes to better result.


What is calling you towards balance today?



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