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How to Invigorate the quality of collaborative change initiatives

In a previous blog I wrote about the importance to shift from focusing on events to processes.  When we shift our attention in this way events can become milestones within a process and arealso  carefully designed to serve a larger purpose.  In addition, events need to be seen in the context of good process architecture (e.g. for better water management, energy efficiency, or responsible supply chains) where it is the ability of differing stakeholders to think together and lead collectively that counts. In these ways we create a spirit of collective leadership. How can we use the Compass as a check
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Shifting Focus: Moving from Events to Collaborative Change Processes

  Good conversations change the way people think and act. When people acknowledge each other as people it becomes easier for them to overcome their differences. Yet many leaders are more focused on events and publicity than the slow and challenging task of consensus building. This is often because the complex environment of a collaboration process can feel threatening to many participants. And when threatened, the most normal human reaction is often to criticize the process or content (when one is not in charge) or to tighten control (when one is in charge). It does not sound comfortable does it?
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