About Collective Leadership

Leading for sustainability is not an act in isolation. It requires leadership by various individuals towards a similar goal on a collective scale, sometimes without knowing about one another, rarely with central coordination and always as a collective learning journey. The capacity for leading, initiating, facilitating and sustaining the construction of meaningful futures is enfolded in all of us.


Turning the challenges of complexity, interdependency and urgency into opportunities requires more than passion, intuition, or excellent plans. We need to shift the way we co-create – learn faster together, collaborate more efficiently, and enhance collective action for more sustainable human behaviour.

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Collective Leadership for Sustainability is the capacity of a group of leaders to deliver their contribution to a joint purpose collaboratively, while putting high priority on a balance between the needs of people, profit, and planet. At the core of Collective Leadership is the human capacity to make a difference by building performance and innovation on dialogue and diversity. It invigorates networks of knowledge sharing, collective action, and mutual support.

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