Collective_Leadership_Compass_newThe Collective Leadership Compass is a meta-level guiding tool for navigating complex change in a collaborative way. It focuses on invigorating co-creative human interaction patterns as core

drivers of transition processes and empowers leaders and change agents to navigate collaboration successfully by attending to a pattern of interacting human competences in the six dimensions:

Future Possibilities, Engagement, Innovation, Humanity, Collective Intelligence, and Wholeness.


How does the Compass work?

Enacting these dimensions by paying attention to their joint presence leads to a higher degree of vitality and resilience in individuals, teams, organizations and collaboration systems. It also strengthens the ability of individuals and collectives to deal with challenges and crises.

It does not create mean harmony, but enhances a constructive way of dealing with differences, increased levels of joint learning and an easier access to love and reconciliation as an underlying human trait.

It can be used to assess, plan and enact the collaborative change required for sustainability – both as a diagnose tool and a process methodology.


How has it been developed?

It has been developed as a result of 20 years of practice in accompanying complex multi-stakeholder settings around system’s change for sustainability as well as scientific exploration in system’s theory and evolution of human consciousness.

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