The future of our world depends on effective collaboration between different sectors of our global and local society, between different institutions and between men and women. This calls for a paradigm shift in the way we conceptualise and enact leadership. We need to see leadership towards a more sustainable world as the capacity of a collective to catalyse and implement change for the common good jointly.

Petra Kuenkel’s ground-breaking conceptual work and practice in stakeholder collaboration and collective leadership empowers people to actively shape the future and inspires them to co-create change in a collaborative way.


compassWhat is the Collective Leadership Compass?

A breakthrough approach to making stakeholder collaboration more effective.

The Compass in a nutshell.



The Global Context

The challenges of our globalized world like poverty, climate change, war, resource inequity, health and biodiversity require us to emotionally engage with a vision for the future of humankind that we can all be proud to live in.

Addressing these challenges requires functioning collaboration between different stakeholders, as well as actors from institutions with different interests, viewpoints and competences.

The answer to the urgency of sustainability challenges is tapping into the potential of the human heart that is nourished by stories of possibilities. We need to empower us to invigorate the human competence for collaboration in organizational, societal and global change processes.


A new leadership paradigm

Leadership towards a sustainable future implies the capacity of a collective to catalyse and implement positive change for the common good. We need to learn how to make collective efforts more effective. This is what the Collective Leadership Compass does.

The future of humankind needs to be built on human competences to leading change jointly, on the capacity for networked action, as well as on resilient self-organization and iterative learning.

What is the Collective Leadership Compass about?

Developed by Executive Director Petra Kuenkel and derived from 20 years of practice in complex multi-stakeholder settings around system’s change for sustainability as well as scientific exploration, the compass is both a diagnose tool and a process methodology.


The Collective Leadership Compass and its dimensions

Understand that innovation for the future is created in a collaborative approach


The Collective Leadership Compass as a fractal for large systems change

There is a lot of collaboration in the world, but do we collaborate in a way that gets us faster to the solutions we need?


The Art of Leading Collectively

The art and the science of navigating complex change in collaboration


The Collective Leadership Compass

meta-level guiding tool for shifting the way we co-create and navigating complex change in collaboration



The conceptual background and application of the Collective Leadership Compass for empowering individuals and groups of leaders to navigate complex change in collaboration.


The Art of Leading Collectively

How to up-scale collaboration skills globally is one of the most important questions facing sustainability and social change professionals around the world, and it is a question that Petra Kuenkel answers in the forthcoming publication (Jan 2016) from Chelsea Green, US.

Scaling-Up Collaboration Skills

Empowering individuals, supporting transformation and building networks leads to resilient human systems.



The Collective Leadership Institute is a not-for-profit social enterprise with the mission to scale-up collaboration skills globally for responsible businesses, people oriented public service and a strong civil society.

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Petra Kuenkel’s speeches encourage people to participate in shaping the future, inspire them to make a difference and teach them how to co-create change in a collaborative way.

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