To encourage as many people as possible to face the challenges of the world and turn them into opportunities, I combine international academic research with real life scenarios from my practice in my articles. Pioneers will find suggestions and examples of how they can overcome complex challenges towards a sustainable future.


How ‘Patterns of Aliveness’ Can Inform Your SDG Approaches to Co-Creation? May, 2018.

What are essential features of living systems that enhance vitality in systems and further life-enhancing co-creation for sustainable collective action in human systems?

The Guardian:

Ten Ingredients For Embedding Sustainability Into Leadership, November, 2013.

If we care about the future leadership development must be linked with sustainability


Making America Great Again! November 2016.

Six humble suggestions to Donald Trump for a legendary presidential term.


What Gives Life to Large System Change?
SAGE Journals, May 2019.

This article argues that the capacity to create the large system change needed to deal with “grand challenges” like the Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability, or climate change can be enhanced by understanding and applying a core set of principles, drawn from multiple sources and levels of analysis that have explored the question of “what gives life.” These sources all—albeit in different ways—apply the question, what “gives life” to different types of systems, and how this relates to the (so far as we know) uniquely human capacity for reflection. The authors identify six principles that “give life” to systems—intentional generativity, permeable containment, emerging novelty, contextual interconnectedness and requisite diversity, mutually enhancing wholeness, and proprioceptive consciousness—then provide guidance for change agents and scholars, as well as an illustrative example of the principles in action. These six principles provide a foundation for thinking about how to create flourishing human systems in organizations, social change, and global sustainability transformation.

Building Competences For Partnering – How Donors Can Ensure Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships Succeed.
ECDPM-European Centre for Development Policy Management, March 2017.

Towards a Governance of Trust: Leading Collectively in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships.
ECDPM-European Centre for Development Policy Management, March 2016.

Why is Stakeholder Collaboration so Important?
Triple Pundit, December, 2015.