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25th — 27th November 2019 Capacity Development Course: The Art of Leading Collectively in Cape Town

This course will help you to implement more outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation on a day-to-day basis for yourself, your team, your organisation, and your change initiative with diverse stakeholders. It equips dedicated change makers in the public and private sector, as well as civil society organisations, with a tool for better co-creation. The dimensions of collective leadership can be learned and enhanced – individually and collectively.

The tool presented in The Art of Leading Collectively – the Collective Leadership Compass – helps you to keep your collaboration journey on track and to find the necessary course corrections.


  • Know how to prepare for your collaboration journey.
  • Assess where you are, define what is present and what is missing.
  • Map the path, adjust strategies, and know what to shift, to strengthen, or to focus on.
  • Convince colleagues and partners that leading collectively will ease the management of complex change.
  • Take the content of the book ‘The Art of Leading Collectively’ into the practice of outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation

Here you can find more information on the capacity development course in Cape Town, South Africa.




The Art of Leading Collectively
Co-Creating a Sustainable, Socially Just Future

The book by Dr. Petra Kuenkel with foreword by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker, is a guide to collaborative impact for leaders in industry, government, and social change networks.

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3rd December 2019; 10.15 am Keynote and 11.00 am panel discussion "How can networks become transformative?" - RENN.Tage Berlin

The RENN (Regional Nets Sustainability Strategies) support the creation of regional networks for sustainability strategies from private sector, public sector and civil society on different spatial levels in Germany. They host the confernce RENN.tage in December 2019 together with the German Council for Sustainable Development where Dr. Petra Kuenkel will give a keynote speech at 10.15 am. Afterwards shel will give a pitch and then takes part at the panel discussion with focus on “How can networks become transformative?”. Find more information at the website (all information are in German). See detailed program here.

13th-15th January 2020 Revision Summit 2020 in Berlin, Germany

The revision network is a network for a human-centric and technology-driven society. Dr. Petra Kuenkel will give a speech at the Revision Summit 2020 about “How can technology and Artificial Intelligence support humanity in enhancing global sustainability transformation?”.

23rd-24th January 2020 Changetagung 2020 in Basel, Switzerland

On 23rd-24th of January, the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW is organizing the Changetagung 2020 in Basel, Switzerland. The Subject of the event is “Der Mensch in der Selbstorganisation” (The Human Being in Self-Organisation).

Here people come together who appreciate the cross-industry overview and the balancing act between science, business, culture and society. Managers exchange their knowledge with social workers and professors learn from practitioners and vice versa.

On the 24th of January from 9.00 am till 9.45 am, Dr. Petra Kuenkel will give a keynote speech with the topic “Meaning and Management – A Contribution to Co-Creative Future Shaping” (in German only).

Later that day, at 11.00 am Alina Gruen,  CLI’s Project Manager responsible for collaboration with the academic education sector will conduct a workshop on “Co-creative shaping of the future: A compass for collective leadership to the Strengthening self-organised systems” (in German only).


For more information see website: http://www.changetagung.ch/  (in German only)



Past Speeches
24th — 26 October 2019 Capacity Development Course: The Art of Leading Collectively in Potsdam

From 24th – 26th of October Dr. Petra Kuenkel conducted The Art of Leading Collectively Course in Potsdam, Germany.

Together with Dr. Petra Kuenkel, the participants worked on their interesting and complex cooperation projects and learned how to use the Collective Leadership Compass to strengthen these projects and make them more lively, so that challenges can be overcome collectively and tangible results and solutions can be found. During the course they also learned how to implement more outcome oriented and constructive co-creation on a day to day basis for themselves, their team, their organization, and their change initiative with diverse stakeholders.
The course equips dedicated change makers in public and private sector, as well as civil society organisations with a tool for better co-creation. The dimensions of collective leadership can be learned and enhanced – individual and collectively.


21st October - Online input session "Why is a Collective Leadership Approach Paramount for Quality Healthcare in LMICs?" - ISQua's International Conference - Cape Town, South Africa

The International Society for Quality in Health care was holding the 36th international conference, the whole programme can be found here 
Dr. Petra Kuenkel will attended online the session about “Why is a Collective Leadership Approach Paramount for Quality Healthcare in LMICs?” and spoke together with Eilish McAuliffe und Aoife De Brún.

16th October - Keynote “Dialogic change in climate related participation process” and panel discussion “Addressing socio-economic effects in climate participation processes” - Climate Opportunity 2019

As part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) the COBENEFITS project brings ministerial representatives and more than 150 international experts and leaders from science, public administration, politics, the private sector and civil society together in Berlin on the occasion of Climate Opportunity 2019: Co-Benefits for Just Energy Futures.
On October 16th Dr. Petra Kuenkel gave a keynote on “Dialogic change in climate related participation process” and joined the panel discussion to “Addressing socio-economic effects in climate participation processes”, see the full program here

26th September, 6 pm - 8.30 pm, at "Hermann's" - Fireplace chat at Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership

Dr. Petra Kuenkel spoke at a fireplace chat about “undisciplined” career pathways & choices with Martin Scheele and Jörg Niewöhner. This is part of the 4th module of the Postdoc academy for transformational leadership which is dedicated to “Developing capabilities and careers for transformtional leadership”. For more information please see the information at the IRI THESys site by the Humboldt University Berlin or the official website: Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership

5th September - Input and discussion „Spatial research for Anthropocene“

Since 1 July 2019, Prof. Dr. Marc Wolfram is the new director of the Leibniz Institute of Ecolocical Urban and Regional Development (IOER) and took over the chair of Spatial Development at the Technische Universität Dresden. The official inauguration ceremony and inaugural speech took place on 5 September at Zentralwerk Dresden-Pieschen and Dr. Petra Kuenkel joined the panel discussion about “Space as key to transformation”. See photos and a report here (German)

KOSMOS Conference - Navigating the Sustainability Transformation in the 21st Century, 30th August 2019

From the 28th till 30th August the KOSMOS Conference – Navigating the Sustainability Transformation in the 21st Century took place at the Humboldt University in Berlin.  On the 30th August Dr. Petra Kuenkel attented together with Alina Gruen (Project Manager, Collective Leadership Institute) the KOSMOS Conference. She joined the first session of the expert forum from 12:30 pm-15:00 pm and the Public debate session from 18:00 pm-20:00 pm and explored the topic Transformation Literacy for a Responsible Anthropocene.

More on the expert forum and the public debate can be found here.

New Business Models NBM Berlin, June 2019

On 1st and 2nd of July  Dr. Petra Kuenkel attended the conference New Business Models NBM Berlin 2019, where she joined a panel discussion „Rethinking Strategic Management: Can business lead the way to a sustainable future?” on 2nd of July from 17:00 to 18:00. Prof. Dr. Thomas Wunder from Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences hosted the panel discussion. He is the author of the book Rethinking Strategic Management. Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact with Dr. Kuenkel’s contribution “What Corporate Strategists Can Learn From International Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration ­- A Conceptual Architecture for Transformative Change”.

Click here to see the video of the panel discussion.

See Dr. Petra Kuenkel’s inputs directly:

  1. We don’t need competition but collaboration and co-creation as well as network-thinking – this is how we can “Stewarding Sustainability Transformations” (Minute 3:45)
  2. Neo-liberal narrative is outdated – we finally need to shift the narrative. (Minute 25:10)
  3. What does collaboration mean? Who needs to lead collaboration? (Minute 30:30)
  4. What’s the recommendation for the CEO’s out there for sustainable future? (Minute 45:05)
  5. 5 Mio € and 3 years’ time: What would you do to scale up impact? (Minute 48:00)
  6. One recommendation to the audience to move towards a sustainable future. (Minute 53:00)

More on the panel discussion and panelists can be found here: https://www.nbmconference.eu/abc-showcase-panel-academic-business-consulting/ and here at page 16 in the PDF Document.

Source of the picture: ESCP Europe Berlin, 02.07.2019: https://www.flickr.com/photos/escpeurope_london/48298533816/in/album-72157709680137902/

Rethinking Strategic Management: Can business lead the way to a sustainable future?
Stewarding Sustainability Transformation – An Emerging Theory and Practice of SDG Implementation at the 50th Anniversary Conference of The Club of Rome.
From October 17 to 18, the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Club of Rome brought together an outstanding group of cutting-edge speakers. The aim of the conference was to increase awareness about the obstacles humanity is facing today and start focusing on new ideas and initiatives designed to make the world more sustainable. During the two days of the 50th Anniversary Conference of The Club of Rome the following topics were addressed:
1.The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-Today’s Implementation Challenges.
2.Adressing a Planetary Emergency: Global Climate Change
3.What Economy is needednfor a World of 10 Billion People?
4.Prospects for Renewable Energy and a True Green Economy
5.Insuring Humanity Survives the Anthropocene
6.Human Values for the Anthropocene.
During the keynote conversation together with Hans Herren (President Millenium Institute), Enrico Giovanni (Universitá die Roma Tor Vergata, Spoke person Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development), and Frans Timmermans (Vice President European Commission) I discussed “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Today’s Implementation Challenges”,  how best to think globally and act locally, how to implement the SDGs, and how to turn challenges into opportunities.
In my presentation I focused on how we can invigorate human interaction systems as core drivers of transition processes to assess, plan, and enact the collaborative change required for sustainability with the help of the meta – level guiding tool, the Collective Leadership Compass.
Stewarding Sustainability Transformations.
An Emerging Theory and Practice of SDG Implementation.

Dr. Petra Kuenkel's new book as a Report to the Club of Rome 2019
• Serves as a guidebook for decision-makers, researchers and activists who need to navigate complex change towards sustainable development.
• Inspires academics and practitioners alike to explore new routes towards co-creating responsible futures in the era of the Anthropocene.
• Translates a pattern approach to systems theory into a practical guidance for planning and implementing interventions across all sectors of society.
• Sets a new direction in the field of sustainability transformations and will become a foundation for planning collective action and achieving impact at scale.

Learn more Order here
Structures and Ways of Thinking for Sustainability and Transformation. Annual Meeting of the German society Club of Rome e.V.

I had a pleasure to give a speech on Structures and Ways of Thinking for Sustainability and Transformation at the Annual Meeting of the German society Club of Rome e.V. The Annual Meeting gathers people from various sectors who share the concern for the humankind and the planet. The aim of the annual conference was to cultivate the spirit for changing perspectives, processes of reflection and further development.

Thinking the future - preserving the world! 50 years Club of Rome.

In August 2018 I had a change to speak at the Forum “Thinking the future – preserving the world! 50 years Club of Rome” which took place in the  Convention Center Castle Herrenhausen in Hannover.

Together with Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif (Head of Research Unit Maritime Meteorology, GEOMAR – Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel), Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert (Head of Energy Department, Transport and Environment, German Institute for Economic Research / Professor of Energy Economics and Sustainability, Hertie School of Governance),  Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (Co-president, Club of Rome / University of Freiburg), I discussed the questions “When are the limits of growth exceeded” and the Future of the Club of Rome with its possible future tasks.

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ACCIÓN Meeting on Sustainable Development in Chile: Collaboration for catalysing sustainable productivity.

In mid-August 2016 I had a chance to participate at the 16th ACCIÓN Meeting on Sustainable Development in Chile. With my speech “How to unleash the potential of collaboration? – Leading collectively as a pathway to effectiveness” I gave an introduction about my approach and an insight into my  books. Furthermore Icontributed as a speaker to the panel society with the topic “Collaboration and collective leadership”

My speech at the 16th ACCIÓN Meeting is available here.

"How can we shift the way we co-create?" at the Women's International Network Conference.

On 30th of August, 2015 I participated at the WIN’s conference “Inspire the world: with insight, grace & action.” More than 800 leaders from across the world join together to prepare for the future, expand possibilities and realise new opportunities. I held a speech on “How can we shift the way we co-create?” in front of hundreds of inspirational women who want to change the world.

You can read more on the Women’s International Network here.

Speaking about the main traps leaders face everyday, interviewed by Dr. Mariana Bozesan.

In this podcast serie of Dr. Mariana Bozesan I speak about leadership and disclose the main traps leaders face every day and show how to avoid them. I dive more into the Collective Leadership Compass, its six dimensions, and explain how this model can empower leaders and organizations to lead a transformative change.

My talk with Daniel Natrup on Collective Leadership.

I had a pleasure to be interviewed by Daniel Natrup, the owner of the blog CurvN, which provides high qualitative news and knowledge for professionals that dedicate their working life to lead the change from our present linear economic system to a more sustainable circular economy in the future. I shared with Daniel my insights on Collective Leadership, Collective Leadership Compass, transition to circular economy, sustainability and innovation.

My talk with Dr. Humberto Maturana about “The Systems view of Life”.

Dr. Humberto Maturana, the well-known Chilean biologist and philosopher who created the term “autopoesis” and I talked on the development of living systems and what fosters the enhancement of living systems. We exchanged our perspectives and their expertise on what people can do to take conscious decisions to enrich aliveness in living systems to steward change initiatives for the better.


Together with Wim Hafkamp (Professor of Environmental Economist at Erasmus University) and Derk Loorbach (Professor of Socio-economic Transitions at Erasmus University) I got invited to answer series of questions within the Interview series “Let’s Talk Renewables” organized byVCA-Spaces- an online community that combines a variety of functions to provide members with Value Chain Analysis knowledge and tools.

Let's Talk RENEWABLES: Are Multi-National Enterprises Being Accountable? (from 04:10 min)
Let's Talk RENEWABLES: Are Governments Taking The Energy Transition Seriously Enough? (from 06:45 min)
Let's Talk RENEWABLES: Why Should We Be Passionate About The Energy Transition? (from 05:55 min)
Let's Talk RENEWABLES: Who Are The Top 3 Stakeholders Closest to an Energy Transition Plan? (from 04:22 min)
Let's Talk RENEWABLES: How Can Empirical Data On The Environment Measure Progress? (from 04:02 min)
Let's Talk RENEWABLES: Could Changes Happen Faster? (from 08:25 min)