About Me
What drives me to get up every day
My Mission

Implementing the 17 global sustainability goals – from water and food security, sustainable production, biodiversity, peace to energy justice, global health and climate adaptation requires a new form of leadership—a collective one.  My mission is to drive the paradigm shift towards collective leadership in the way we co-create and to scale-up collaboration skills globally – for responsible businesses, people oriented public service and a strong civil society. For a more sustainable, socially just future.

Biographical Information

Apart from being an accomplished visionary sustainability author and a passionate global change-maker, I am the Executive Director of the Collective Leadership Institute, a Germany, US and South Africa based international social enterprise building collaboration literacy for transformative change towards world sustainability. As a seasoned systems scientist and expert in complex multi-stakeholder settings I promote systems transformations by scaling-up collective stewardship skills for decision-makers from corporations, public sector and civil society. With my educational background in change management, organizational psychology and political science I have ample experiences in corporate change, societal change, global sustainability initiatives and policy implementation. I am a leading strategic advisor to pioneering international multi-stakeholder initiatives around wicked sustainability challenges. Based on successful transformation processes and anchored in living systems theory, I have developed the dialogic change methodology and the Collective Leadership Compass, a guiding tool for navigating change in complex multi-actor settings. My ground-breaking publications The Art of Leading Collectively, The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration and Mind and Heart have received international attention; I am one of the a co-authors of Come On. My writings have appeared in numerous professional journals as well as the Guardian and Huffington Post. My new book on Stewarding Sustainability Transformations has been accepted a Report to the Club of Rome (to be published in February 2019). For more information, please visit www.collectiveleadership.com.